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I've known Paul for about ten years. Throughout this time I have seen Paul grow from a very dedicated and interested teenage BJJ practioner to a man that has become a complete instructor. This is demonstrated by his desire to learn, his fire to share with others and his ability to apply the concepts. Paul's passion is very contagious and this raises the bar of those he trains. With Paul at the helm, there is no need to train elsewhere - Terry D.


Paul is extremely dedicated to learning jiu-jitsu and passing that drive and knowledge on to his students. Through training at Alliance of Port Huron, I have learned valuable self defense skills and made a lot of good friends. I have also had a lot of fun learning jiu-jitsu in an ego free environment - Rob S.


Alliance of Port Huron is truly one of the best places I have trained; due mostly to the outstanding instructor and friendly environment they have created. Paul ais very passionate and extremely knowledgable about the art. They look to constantly improve those around them. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to train with them - Jon S.


In my twelve years of Military experience, I have trained in various different Martial Arts forms, in many different atmospheres and under numerous instructors with very different mindsets and approaches to training; Alliance has an excellent ego free environment for learning. I had a great time in class Saturday, I felt welcome by everyone; we had fun and learned at the same time. In addition, I got a good work out I was actually sore the next day. I look forward to making Alliance my home away from home - Ian W.


I trained under Paul for over 2 years. The school has an excellent environment. I always felt like I was home when I was there. He is very understanding of your schedule too because I worked on a cutter. Unlike alot of bjj schools you will also learn and get comfortable with takedowns from judo and wrestling here - Sean P.


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